Care ritual with CannabiGold Ultra Care

What is the basis for an effective everyday skin care routine? Proper skin cleansing, of course. Without removing impurities, we cannot properly prepare our skin for the absorption of the active ingredients found in creams or serums.

Skin cleansing, and the application of creams, essences and serums, has become a very popular topic in the last few years as a result of Korean care rituals.
Considering the pollution resulting from civilisation development that we face every day, as well as the continued popularity of all types of colour cosmetics used in make-up, we cannot ignore the issue of effective skin cleansing.

Clean skin better absorbs the nutrients contained in creams and it is also brighter. Oily and combination, acne-prone skin is less vulnerable to different types of imperfection.

Skin cleansing

It is important to clean the skin twice a day. Of course by the evening, after a long day, make-up, perspiration, dust and other impurities have gathered on our skin. We clean our skin in the morning, using gentle products to prep it for the application of skin care products.

One important thing about the care ritual is that we have to remove that first layer of the impurities using a gentle micellar water, containing small particles knowns as micelles, which attracts the oily impurities in our skin, such as perspiration or sebum, like a magnet and dissolves the external ones, such as make-up or dust.

Our Ultra Care line of dermocosmetics features two such products, suitable for dry and sensitive, atopic-prone skin, as well as oily and combination, acne-prone skin.
Micellar water does not cause skin irritation; however, it is important to remove it from our face. We can use the Delicate Cleansing Gel, which is suitable for all skin types. Its innovative formula contains 25 mg of CBD, panthenol and SUPERFRUIT extracts.

As a result, the skin on our face is properly prepared for the absorption of our skin care products.
The Cellular Water Mist, used before the application of a serum or a cream, moisturises, cools and refreshes the skin. Water algae, green tea, soy peptides and CBD complex perfectly protects our skin from impurities.

It should be followed by the application of a serum. The Ultra Care line features 4 types of product, and each of them contains 150 mg of CBD. The sensitive skin serum contains different ingredients, including squalane. The moisturising and regenerating serum for dry and sensitive skin contains vitamin E, while the nourishing serum for oily and combination skin contains azeloglycine. This universal protective serum is suitable for all skin types and contains strong antioxidants from the tara tree. You can find the full list of ingredients of these products on our website, in the product descriptions.

After applying a serum, our skin is ready for a cream. For oily, combination or acne-prone skin, apply a normalising cream which contains 100 mg of CBD. Thanks to its unique formula, the cream reduces excessive sebum secretion and helps reduce imperfections.

For dry and sensitive, atopic-prone skin, we have developed a moisturising cream which contains 100 mg of CBD and an active extract from Curculigo orchioides – an Indian plant. The product helps restore proper skin hydration levels, which is essential for this skin type.

The care ritual takes 5-10 minutes, if you include a gentle face massage. Regular and effective skin care is the key to success. Of course, CBD itself is also important because its properties, combined with other active ingredients, have a wonderful effect on the skin.


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