The power of CBD in problematic skin care

Do you have problems with oily skin, dilated and clogged pores, or are you constantly fighting imperfections? Is your skin dry, very sensitive or prone to irritation? How can you solve these problems and what kind of cosmetics should you use? For those struggling with these types of skin problems, CBD (cannabidiol) is an interesting compound. Learn more about our new line of dermocosmetics with CBD, CannabiGold Ultra Care, available through our online store and in selected pharmacies.

What is CBD? 

It is a phytocannabinoid, one which occurs naturally in hemp and has been tested by scientists in laboratories around the world for many years. It is has been analysed with regard to its use as a dietary supplement, but also in cosmetic products. Together with increasing knowledge of CBD, increasing numbers of cosmetics with this phytocannabinoid are appearing on the market. CBD is also being used by more cosmetics manufacturers in an attempt to create products which are not only effective but also follow the latest trends in skin care.

Why is CBD effective in facial and body skin care?

Its ability to regulate sebum secretion makes CBD the perfect compound for oily, mixed and acne-prone skin care. It can also be beneficial for dry, sensitive and even atopic skin. Studies have confirmed that cannabidiol improves the skin condition and has antioxidative, protective and sebostatic properties. More information about CBD and its effects can be found in the European CosIng database.

Modern formulas, selected ingredients and cannabidiol in clearly defined concentrations

CannabiGold Ultra Care is a line of 11 unique dermocosmetic products with CBD, created to care for your skin and body. HemPoland, one of the European leaders of the hemp market and cosmetology experts, together with dermatologists have designed specialised cosmetics containing natural ingredients for all skin types, regardless of age or skin needs. Ultra Care includes creams and various types of serums for facial care, body lotions, gels and micellar cleansing water, as well as innovative cellular water in the form of a mist, which combines the care power of CBD and other natural ingredients to create a barrier against pollution and to fight the first signs of ageing for delicate skin.

CannabiGold dermocosmetics include clearly labelled CBD concentrations and carefully selected natural ingredients such as squalane, shea butter, Agastache mexicana or Curculigo orchioides extracts, green tea extracts, marigold macerates and many other valuable additives. Tested in dermatological laboratories and by users, CannabiGold Ultra Care dermocosmetics guarantee modern, effective and comprehensive facial and body skin care.

CBD, as a care ingredient for problematic skin which delays ageing, is winning the hearts of users all over the world, so that ever more people can experience its unique effect on their own skin.


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