Yoga in combination with CBD (cannabidiol) seems to be a good option to maintain natural, deep relaxation and calm thoughts. The spiritual source of yoga is India, where true hemp (cannabis sativa) has been part of the diet for a long time, also in combination with yoga practice. It took thousands of years before Western sceptics discovered the wisdom of the Far East and realised that it is sometimes necessary to take a pause from the daily routine. Relaxation and natural calmness help maintain the harmony of body and mind. How can CBD help us?

Yoga for stress

Daily stress and constant exhaustion have a negative impact on our body. How best to relax and maintain inner peace? The answer to this question is provided by the people of the Far East, who recommend regular practice of yoga and meditation. An increasingly popular trend, the roots of which go back thousands of years, is also a combination of yoga and natural CBD oils. There are many benefits of yoga – it helps to improve the condition of the body, maintain mental balance, gain better body awareness (proprioception) and maintain the vital forces. Yoga has a positive effect on the functioning of the body and general well-being.

Advantages of yoga

Yoga has been known for thousands of years as the perfect way to maintain internal harmony. Properly selected asanas and special breathing techniques not only have a positive effect on ensuring the proper condition of the musculoskeletal system, but also help us to listen to our own body, stop rushing thoughts and focus on being ‘here and now’ – awareness of the moment. The advantages of practising yoga are also improving the overall efficiency and physical fitness and minimising the consequences of stress.




Yoga – benefits for the body

Regular yoga practice allows you to enjoy numerous benefits at the level of body and mind. They include:

  • improved muscle flexibility;
  • increased concentration;
  • increased resistance to stress;
  • healthier lifestyle.

In addition, yoga is considered a natural preventive measure for many common conditions such as back pain and joint problems. Physical exercise also has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, improving the overall condition of the body.

Yoga – benefits for the soul

The benefits of yoga also include better balance of body and mind and a way to relax in everyday, busy life. The ability to focus, concentrate and calm down improves the quality of life and resistance to stress. It is worth remembering that regular exercise and proper breathing technique are important to ensure the best benefits of yoga for the body.

Yoga and CBD, cannabidiol

Yoga and CBD seem to be a perfect combination, which is used in many yoga schools around the world. Yoga practice is not only about physical activity. A very important aspect is the interior design in which we practice, the right scenery, the music accompanying the asanas and the right attitude of the practitioner – the desire for calm and concentration. When practising yoga, the aim is to achieve perfect concentration, relaxation and the state of meditation in motion.

This is why natural CBD supplements seem to be inscribed in the philosophy of yoga. Yoga promotes harmony of body and mind. Yoga and meditation not only lead to deep relaxation and comfort, but, interestingly, they also stimulate mental activity. CBD is a perfect complement to yoga.

It is worth remembering that CBD is a different substance from THC, which does not cause any psychoactive effect and is safe for the body.

Relaxation asanas

Selected yoga relaxation asanas, which relieve stress and tension, and enable deep relaxation:

  • SAVASANA Dead Body Pose – it allows you to relax and loosen up your body, calms your mind and helps to increase your body awareness;
  • TADASANA Mountain Pose – it is ideal for regaining the feeling of peace, stability and inner harmony; you can feel the flow of joy and good energy;
  • ADHO MUKHA SVANASANA Dog Head Down – helps to oxygenate the brain, restores vitality;
  • UTTANASANA Standing Forward Fold – perfectly relaxes and unwinds, eliminates the feeling of fatigue, improves general well-being;
  • BALASANA child’s position – ideal at the end of exercises, calms the mind and relaxes;
  • ANANDA BALASANA Happy Baby Pose – helps to get rid of stress and fatigue, especially recommended in the case of difficulties with falling asleep.

These relaxation asanas help to get rid of the effects of everyday stress. In combination with CBD, they help to relax even better and have a beneficial effect on the body.

Yoga and endocannabinoids

If you are looking for a way to enjoy inner peace or just want to forget about busy everyday life, then yoga in combination with CBD may be a good solution.

CBD supports the synthesis of an optimal amount of endogenous cannabinoids. Endocannabinoids are substances produced in the body which activate endocannabinoid receptors. Some of them are released in a state of sleep and relaxation. One of these endocannabinoids is anandamide, often called the neurotransmitter of happiness. Its name comes from the Sanskrit word Ananda (Ānanda), which means ‘joy, bliss, delight’.

Yoga and CBD – sounds like a perfect combination

Whereas in the case of THC from cannabis (cannabis), where the first associations are ‘psychoactive effect’ and ‘high’, the corresponding associations for CBD are ‘calm’, ‘relaxation’ or ‘harmony’.

This is why many yoga schools in the USA and other countries are conducting more and more yoga classes combined with CBD. A well-known yoga instructor who uses the beneficial effects of CBD in combination with yoga is Cheri Smith. The group of CBD yoga promoters is constantly growing all over the world and is also gaining popularity in Poland.

Just as in the case of practising yoga, regularity is also important when using CBD. Then the beneficial effect on the body will be best. It is very difficult to switch off rushing thoughts and forget about stress, but yoga classes with CBD are the first step to understanding your body and mind better.

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