Omega-3 from Algae – 60 capsules

Omega-3 from Algae – 60 capsules


Formula CannabiGold Omega-3 Algae in capsules is a food supplement with Schizochytrium sp. Microalgae oil, which contains valuable omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids: docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).


The daily dose of the supplement contains: 597 mg of DHA and 3,3 mg EPA. Microalgae oil is an exciting new source of omega-3 fatty acids that can replace those derived from fish. The package contains 35280 mg of microalgae oil, including: 17910 mg of DHA acid and 99 mg of EPA acid.



Schizochytrium sp. Microalgae oil, antioxidants: a mixture of natural tocopherols, ascorbyl palmitate; coating: tapioca starch, humectant: glycerol.


Microalgae are the primary source of DHA and EPA, and the basis of the diet of many fish species. Contrary to sea fish oil, in our product we can find these healthy fatty acids without the need to deplete the resources of sea fish. DHA acid contributes to the maintenance of the proper functioning of the brain and proper vision with a daily intake of 250 mg of DHA. DHA and EPA acids also contribute to the proper functioning of the heart when consumed daily: 250 mg of DHA and EPA. 


Microalgae oil is obtained in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. The microalgae that we use to produce Omega-3s are grown in large, sealed and sterile ground-based bioreactors. Due to the natural ability of Schyzochytrium cells to reproduce, it is enough to take only one sample from nature to grow millions of new microalgae from it. Therefore, the extraction of the ingredient has a trace effect on the biosphere and ensures the protection of valuable marine resources. 


Formula CannabiGold dietary supplements produced in Poland under the control of HemPoland are a guarantee of the highest quality. Formula CannabiGold products were created in accordance with the principle of “clean label” – the simplest composition. The active ingredients in the product, i.e. omega-3 acids, are 100% obtained from natural sources. The Formula CannabiGold Omega-3 Algae product is vegetarian and vegan friendly and is VEGAN certified. We recommend taking the capsules with a meal. 



Advantages of Formula CannabiGold capsules: 


  • High content of Omega-3 acids (600 mg DHA + EPA) in each daily portion of the product.
  • Formula CannabiGold capsules are a dietary supplement for people who avoid liquid oils containing Omega-3 acids because of their taste.
  • The most important advantage of soft capsules is their hermeticity, which guarantees 100% protection of the substances contained inside them against the harmful effects of external factors.
  • A second important advantage of soft capsules is that they are easy to consume. The soft, small capsule is easy to swallow. Sensitive people should wash it down with a little water.
  • Convenient form in the form of a capsule ensures comfort and freedom of consumption.
  • The use of dark glass packaging guarantees the durability of the product and its natural ingredients.
  • Each batch of CannabiGold dietary supplements is thoroughly analyzed at every stage of production, which ensures their highest quality.


Formula CannabiGold “OMEGA-3 ALGAE” dietary supplement 600 mg DHA + EPA in a daily dose – a package of 30 capsules is sufficient for 15 days of daily supplementation. 


Recommended daily allowance necessary to obtain a beneficial effect:

adults and children over 12 years of age – 2 capsules a day, which is: 1176 mg of microalgae oil, including: 597 mg of DHA acid and 3.3 mg of EPA acid. 


Do not exceed the recommended daily allowance. A dietary supplement cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Do not use in case of hypersensitivity on any of the ingredients. Do not give to infants and children under 3 years of age. 


Best before the end and the batch number on the bottom of the package. Store at room temperature out of the reach of small children. Protect from light. 


Net weight: 52 g



Producer: HemPoland sp.z o.o. Władysławowo 30A, 82-300 Elbląg. 

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